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Welcome to VoIP4Africa - your provider for VoIP in Africa


Residential / SOHO Solutions

Whether you have a dial up connection or broadband, there's always a VoIP solution to give you crystal clear voice at upto 70% cheaper rates on your International calls.

  • Computer not required to make the calls
  • Use an IP Phone or connect your traditional phone set to an ATA to make your calls
  • No high-tech setup - just pick, dial & talk
Call Centre Solutions

Solutions for both on-site and off-site customers allows you to setup call centre's with the extreme convenience for YOUR customers.

We setup call centers with VoIP gateway's connected over the PSTN network to your PBX.

Setup calling card solutions


Multi-Location Offices

If a big part of your communication involve's telephone conversations with you branch offices, VoIP is the solution that would make inter-office communication just as if it were under one local extension.

We have the solutions to connect your offices, be they in different towns or over many countries, over VoIP.

Contact us for more information.
Pre-paid Long Distance Phone Cards

VoIP4Africa offers pre-paid international phone (calling) cards.

Save upto 95% on Long-Distance in 3 easy steps:
  • Search and find the best rates
  • Buy Online with SECURE checkout
  • We e-mail your card INSTANTLY! 

Your source for international calling cards and phone cards. Shop exclusive calling cards with fast, easy, secure shopping worldwide




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