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is a PC-based USB VoIP device that has a RJ11 connector for regular telephones,which enables you to place your PC to regular phone calls or PC to PC calls and cordless telephone. It makes internet calls using the keypad of your regular telephone.


The USB Phone is voice comunication terminals over the internet. It is a different way of comunication from traditional telephones. It connects directly to PC through the USB port. With DSP chipset set inside. its sound is very clear. PC to PC is free of charge. You can make calls from PC to regular phone when the internet is connected with PSTN network by gateway. It can work with cable and Dial-up internet, Broadband and LAN connections.It is especially suitable for those who make long-distance calls frequently. Easy to use, easy to set up. The best of all,it saves money

Functions :

  • PC to PC,and PC to Phone dialing capabilities
  • One USB interface to PC,
  • One RJ-11 interface to regular phone,
  • PSTN line LED indicator,
  • Internet phone LED indicator,flashing for incoming call,
  • Plug and Play, USB V1.0 and 1.0 compatible,
  • Full duplex audio, echo cancellation,
  • No external power required,
  • Microsoft interface for USB audio devices

Electric Parameter :

  • Conformity to USB Audio Device Release 1.0

  • Conformity to USB HID version 1.0

  • Valtage:4.5-5.25V DC

The network system requiry:

  • CPU: Pentium200/64MB Ram/100MB
  • Operation system: Microsoft Windows98/SE/ME/2000/XP
  • Internet Condition: LAN, Cable Modem, XDSL, ISDN, or Dial-up Modem

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